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Benchmark year for UNIT - Stats design

Annual Statistics Overview.

The year 2023 has been a benchmark year for UNIT Surf Pool, marked by significant milestones in sessions, Surf Pools installed, digital presence, and business expansion. Below we have detailed a data-centric summary of our accomplishments over the past twelve months.



Operational Excellence

Our wavepools have demonstrated unmatched reliability throughout the year, with a record of zero downtime, ensuring uninterrupted surfing experiences and a great business experience for our customers.

Benchmark year for UNIT with this viral Instagram video

35 million views, 100k hours viewed

Viral Social Media Impact

We started the year strong with a global viral hit on Instagram, which accumulated over 35 million views. This catapulted UNIT Surf Pool to the forefront of social media channels within the artificial surf technology sector, substantially increasing our brand visibility and digital footprint.

Weekend Session Popularity

Our analysis indicates that weekends are pivotal for our operations, with 51% of all bookings occurring during this time. Notably, the 2pm to 3pm time slot on Saturdays and Sundays has emerged as the most popular among surfers.

Seasonal Usage Highs

The summer stretch from June to September has proven to be the peak, accounting for 72% of all bookings across the season, which runs from April to November. This underlines the summer months as the prime period for outdoor surf enthusiasts in Europe.

Benchmark year for UNIT at Wakeparadise Milano

Demographic Engagement

Since 2019, we have recorded over 90,000 sessions, reflecting a steady increase in the adoption and enjoyment of our wave pool technology.

Reflecting on user demographics, we see that 30% of our participants are new to the sport, highlighting the accessibility of our technology to novices. The majority of our surfers, 70%, are young adults within the 21 to 40 age range, demonstrating strong appeal to young adults.

Expansion Footprint

In line with our strategic growth objectives, 2023 saw the launch of two new UNIT Surf Pools in Utah (Southern Shores) and Arizona (Revel Surf). Further extending our reach, we founded subsidiaries UNIT Surf Pool North America LLC and UNIT Surf Pool Oceania Pty Ltd, aimed at nurturing and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in these high-potential markets.

Global Expansion - UNIT Surf Pool´

Forward Outlook.

Leveraging this year’s performance data and our strengthened market presence, UNIT Surf Pool is committed to continuous innovation and expansion. With the first indoor wave pool at Havelwelle Project well underway our aim is to meet and exceed the demands of the global surfing community, ensuring that UNIT Surf Pool remains synonymous with the pinnacle of artificial surf technology.