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A New Chapter Begins

Desert Lakes LLC partnership announcement with UNIT Surf Pool North America LLC

Desert Lakes partnership announcement

Desert Lakes partnership announcement!

We’re thrilled to announce a landmark partnership that marks a significant milestone in our journey—UNIT Surf Pool North America LLC has teamed up with Desert Lakes LLC. This collaboration isn’t just about combining forces; it’s about creating lasting wave pool projects in the artificial surf and leisure real estate industry in North America.

From our European roots, UNIT Surf Pool has always aspired to bring the joy of surfing to every corner of the globe. With the establishment of our North American branch, we’re not just expanding geographically; we’re bringing our dream closer to reality, making it easier for customers in the USA, Canada, and Mexico to experience the thrill of surfing.

Why Desert Lakes LLC?

Desert Lakes LLC isn’t just an investor; they’re pioneers in artificial lake and leisure real estate development, bringing a wealth of expertise and vision to this partnership. Their commitment goes beyond financial investment, providing invaluable knowledge that complements our state-of-the-art surf technology.

The synergy between UNIT and Desert Lakes was vividly displayed in the Southern Shores project, featuring a majestic 16m wide UNIT Surf Pool. This wasn’t just a project; it was a statement of what’s possible when innovation meets expertise. Johannes Degenhardt, the brain behind UNIT Surf Pool, shared his excitement,

“The success at Southern Shores was a testament to what we can achieve together. Desert Lakes is more than a partner; they’re family.”

And it seems the feeling is mutual. Cody Larkin from Desert Lakes LLC echoed this sentiment, hinting at future plans,

“Our collaboration with UNIT is just the beginning. We have big dreams, and while we can’t spill all the details yet, we’re confident our future projects will make waves.”

Adding to the excitement, Tony Finn, UNIT’s US sales representative, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership,

“I am very fired up about our new relationship with Desert Lakes. As anyone who has surfed a UNIT can attest to, the UNIT wave is phenomenal! Now, with a US headquarters, it’s going to be even easier for our customers to do business with us. SUPER STOKED!”

The Future Looks Bright!

This partnership is not just about surfing; it’s about creating a lifestyle. Desert Lakes and UNIT are setting the stage for an integrated experience that combines the thrill of surfing with the tranquility of lakeside living. Imagine homes where your backyard leads to a beach, and your morning routine includes catching a few waves before breakfast.

Desert Lakes LLC and UNIT Surf Pool North America LLC are on a mission to redefine leisure and residential living. With a focus on sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and authentic experiences, we’re not just building surf pools; we’re creating communities where life is a perpetual vacation.

Stay tuned as we ride the wave (most used pun intended) of this exciting partnership, promising to bring more innovation, more surfing, and more unforgettable moments to North America.


Desert Lakes LLC is at the forefront of artificial lake community development, crafting spaces where lifestyle meets leisure. Our projects, like Southern Shores, showcase our dedication to excellence, sustainability, and innovation. Interested in an artificial lake? Reach out to Desert Lakes here

UNIT Surf Pool North America LLC is your gateway to the exhilarating world of inland surfing. As a subsidiary of UNIT Surf Pool GmbH, we’re committed to delivering authentic surf experiences across North America, powered by cutting-edge technology and a passion for surfing.

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