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Building a surf pool is an exciting yet long journey – one that requires careful planning and execution at every stage. In this blog post, we will take you through the various stages of realizing a surf pool project with us – from the initial idea to successful operation and beyond.


When starting your wave pool project, we will first navigate through the critical decisions. One of the first considerations is determining the ideal location. Together we consider factors like:

  • How is the accessibility?
  • Is it easy for your customers to get there?
  • How will your setup impact the environment?

First sketch of a UNIT surf pool inside the landscape

First sketch inside the landscape

As we dive deeper into the wave pool project, we’re faced with pivotal decisions that can make or break the whole experience. We must ask ourselves: Is natural water, like a lake, river, or an open waterfront an option? If not: What are the preferences? Artificial lakes or concrete basins? Can we surf all year round or just seasonal? Basically:

  • Should the surf pool be embedded or floating?
  • Should it be outdoors or indoors?
  • How big can we go?

These are just a few choices, which will influence your overall costs, the business case, the operational structure, and most importantly the surfing experience. We accompany you throughout all decisions, offering our honest opinions and leveraging our experience to guide you effectively.

We disclose transparent all costs and technical requirements to define the scope of the project. After 1-2 months all decisions should be locked in and the finances should be sorted, so we’re ready to move into stage two.


In the feasibility phase, we’re delving into every aspect of your location, infrastructure, and business model to help you navigate challenges and advise for the best possible setup.

Obtaining the necessary permits and approvals is a critical step in the feasibility stage. This may involve working with:

  • local authorities
  • environmental agencies
  • ground owners and
  • other stakeholders

We help you to ensure compliance with regulations and circumvent any potential issues.

After the entire location has been examined, it´s time to develop the detailed concept for your UNIT Surf Pool and start to bring your vision to life.

Drawing of the side view of a UNIT Surf PoolDrawing of the side view of a UNIT Surf Pool

Securing the financing for the project is another important part of the feasibility stage. In detail, we analyze all project-related costs. You get a detailed overview of:

  • capital investment
  • annual operating costs
  • annual revenue
  • annual income

This in-depth analysis provides you with a comprehensive overview of the project’s financial well-being. We use our experiences to help you always have a realistic view of your vision and reach your objectives.

Our ultimate goal at UNIT Surf Pool is to ensure that you not only acquire our product but also operate it successfully over the long term. Customer satisfaction and project success are our top priorities. In some cases, we advise against proceeding with a project if we believe it’s not in the best interest of you – the customer. We promise you one thing: to always be honest and upfront with you!


Now it’s getting serious – once the project’s feasibility is confirmed and financing secured, a purchase order is issued to initiate the construction process. 

We start to produce your surf pool with careful attention to quality control and your technical specifications. When it’s all set and ready, we’ll pack up every piece into 40-foot containers and ship it straight to your location.

Before our crew arrives for the installation, we must ensure that:

  • the water body is ready
  • adequate power sources are accessible
  • unrestricted access to the site is granted

From now on it takes 1-2 weeks for our crew to install your wave pool.

The installation of the UNIT Surf Pool at Southern Shores

Installation of the UNIT Surf Pool at Southern Shores


Here comes the exciting part – once the installation of the surf pool is complete, it will be prepared for operation. First, we test the wave height and other factors until the perfect setup is found. You will weigh in on the various wave stages you want.

And it doesn’t stop here – we’re with you every step of the way, providing personalized training to ensure you’re not just proficient but truly confident in operating your artificial wave pool. From mastering the controls to effective maintenance – we train you to become real experts in running a UNIT Surf Pool.

The UNIT Surf Pool at Southern Shores - ready for the first waves Southern Shores – ready for the first waves 

In the economic success of your surfing machine, operational efficiency plays a crucial role. The aim is to:

  • optimize staffing levels
  • streamline processes to save costs
  • continuously monitor and improve efficiency
  • maximize profitability and sustainability

The journey may sound long and rest assured, sometimes it is, but we will support you on every step along the way. You can proceed confidently, because during your journey our committed support team stands ready to assist with any challenges that may arise, ensuring smooth running and ongoing success for your operation.

UNIT Surf Pool at Wakeparadise MilanoWakeparadise Milano 


Stay tuned for our next blogposts: With our first indoor surf pool, “Havelwelle,” currently under construction in Potsdam, Germany, we’ll be taking you step-by-step through some details!

You get the chance to learn more about our production process and how each UNIT Surf Pool is made. You’ll also gain insight into the shipping process – from initial logistics planning to final delivery, and into the complexities of transporting such a specialized product to its destination. Plus, you’ll experience the enthusiasm of the build-up phase as our crew works tirelessly to bring the vision to life. And of course, one of the most exciting moments will be turning on the wave pool for the first time, which will mark the beginning of an unforgettable surfing experience.