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As the summer is approaching, we’re excited to share with you the latest UNIT surf pool report with all the Information and news about our wave pools. 


Established in 2018, Surf Langenfeld offers a surfing experience on a floating outdoor wave in a lake next to a Wakepark. With an 8 m (26 ft) wide wave, surfers can enjoy and learn surfing in a controlled environment. The wave pool has been open for everyone since the 9th of March this season. At the moment the water temperature ranges from 13-15 degrees, but will rise during the summer.Information about the UNIT Surf Pool at Surf LangenfeldBesides the surf pool, you can find a lot of extras to enhance your experience:

  • Wakepark – wakeboarding and wakeskating facilities for water sports enthusiasts of all levels
  • Beach area – provides the perfect spot to relax and soak up the sun between your sessions
  • Beach Bar & Restaurant – refuel after a day of surfing with delicious food and drinks with a perfect view of the wave pool 
  • Shop – you can find a selection of surfboards, wetsuits, accessories, and more

Location Map of Surf LangenfeldSurf Langenfeld frequently hosts events: Recently they held the second NRW CUP, presented by Ripcurl – an amateur contest, where surfers from the region can participate.


Wakeparadise Milano is a premier destination for water sports enthusiasts in Milan, Italy. Our 10 m (33 ft) wide UNIT wave pool has been established in 2019. This year the season kicked off on the 15th of March, and since then the wave has been open to the public. The temperature of the clear blue water of the lake where the wave floats ranges between 15-17 degrees, but will rise with the summer approaching.Information about the UNIT Surf Pool at Wakeparadise MilanoNext to the UNIT wave the facilities of Wakeparadise offer a lot for an exciting visit:

  • Wakepark – Full Size cable and System 2.0 for all levels that are running all year round
  • Surf skate – get ready for your turns in the water on a surf skate on top of the roof
  • Chill area – relax while enjoying a beer in the light of Milan’s best sunset
  • Food & Bar – enjoy sandwiches, bowls, drinks, and good coffee in between your sessions
  • Shop – small shop with surf lifestyle apparel, and more

Location Map of Wakeparadise MilanoWakeparadise Milano is a stunning event location, which you can also rent for your next event. The past weekends they had some surfboard test days where you could check out the surfboards from Sincly and Delight Alliance and give them a try in our UNIT Surf Pool.


Southern Shores is our biggest UNIT wavepool so far and the first one in a private water sports community. The artificial surf pool was established in 2023 and is the first season in operation this year. The wave pool measures a 16 m (53 ft) wide wave, floating in an artificial lake. Surrounded by palm trees you can surf with a water temperature of around 20 degrees. Information about the UNIT Surf Pool at Southern ShoresThe water sports community provides next to the surf pool also other amenities:

  • Wakepark – 2.0 Cable System featuring 8 UNIT Parktech obstacles ideal for riders of all levels
  • Boat Lake – take your boat out for a ride
  • Pickleball courts perfect for a friendly match or improving your game

Location Map of Southern ShoresSouthern Shores has made available 56 lots in Hurricane Valley, each providing an exceptional living experience with daily access to a vibrant water sports lifestyle right from the doorstep. These lots offer access to the UNIT Surf Pool, the wakeboard cable, and the boating lake. A limited number of these premier lots are still available for those looking to embrace this unique lifestyle.


Arizona’s first and only surf park features our first embedded UNIT Surf Pool. The 10 m (33 ft) wide artificial surf pool was installed and tested in 2022. The opening of the whole surf park is slated for late summer this year. The water temperature will be around 20 degrees.

Information about the UNIT Surf Pool at Revel SurfNext to the UNIT wavepool, this surf park features a lot of activities:

  • Swell MFG Surf Lagoon – 2-acre ‘A’ Frame surf lagoon with a left and right peak and a variety of different wave types
  • Revel Rocks – jump from the cliffs, the height is your choice (2-8 m / 6-25 ft)
  • Skate Park perfect for your warm-up or just cruising on 4 wheels
  • The Beach Grill – enjoy an all-day service menu and a selection of traditional favorites
  • Athlete training area – use the training green for many different exercise applications

Location Map of Revel SurfWhether you’re a seasoned surfer or a beginner, Revel Surf offers a wide range of possibilities, from starting your surf journey to training like the pros.


Our first indoor surfpool will open in Potsdam, Germany next winter. The wave measures a 14 m (46 ft) wide surfable face and will be the biggest indoor surf wave on earth. With the comfort of surfing inside you will enjoy a water temperature range from 25 to 26 degrees, so it will never get cold all year round. Information about the UNIT Surf Pool at Havelwelle

Besides surfing Havelwelle offers:

  • Sleep in a Rolling Tiny – for those who won’t miss out on the first swell, you can sleep in one of 12 tiny houses 
  • Restaurant – dine on the 2nd floor, enjoy the view over the wave, or relax on the rooftop terrace in the evening
  • Events – book the place for your event

The construction team is actively working on the site, preparing for the installation of the UNIT Surf Pool this summer. This setup is crucial for ensuring the entire building is ready for its grand opening in the winter of 2024/2025.

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