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UNIT Surf Pool Unveils Their Largest Wave  Pool Yet in the US: A Dream Come True for Lake Enthusiasts

Surf’s up! Southern Shores is literally making waves with their latest addition — the opening of the 16 meter wide, floating UNIT Surf Pool. For the past decade, the founders, Brittany and Jason Christensen, along with their partner Cody Larkin, have been on a mission to create a haven for water sports enthusiasts. We caught up with Brittany and Cody to delve into the journey behind Southern Shores, UNIT Surf Pool and the exciting developments that lie ahead.



Q: When did the idea of a lake community with a surf pool, boat lake, and wakeboard cable first come to life?

Brittany: The idea started taking shape around 10 years ago when we began searching for the perfect property to build a lake. As a family who cherished spending time on the boat with our kids, we often found ourselves seeking out “good” water—smooth conditions suitable for water skiing, wakeboarding, and surfing. Realizing the need for a consistent water source, we embarked on the journey of building a lake. A few years into the process, we met our partner Cody, who had already completed a lake project in Utah featuring a boat lake and wakeboard cable lake. Seeing the success and popularity of surfing, it became clear that adding the UNIT Surf Pool was a natural choice.

Cody: As Brittany mentioned, I had already completed a successful lake project in Utah that included a boat lake and a cable lake. When I met Brittany and Jason, their vision aligned perfectly with my own experiences and passion for water sports. We realized the growing popularity of surfing and saw the opportunity to create something remarkable by adding the UNIT Surf Pool to the lake community. It was a natural progression in our journey to provide the ultimate water sports destination for enthusiasts of all ages.

Q: How long did the actual development take until today?

Brittany: We began construction on the site in March 2022, and since then, we’ve been diligently working to bring the vision, including the UNIT Surf Pool, to life.

Q: What were some of your greatest challenges during the development process?

Brittany: Building a project of this magnitude presented several significant challenges. Securing ample water supply, obtaining permits, ensuring adequate power infrastructure, and constructing the dam for the boat lake were among the most formidable hurdles we faced.

Q: When do you expect the first lot owners to move into their new homes?

Brittany: Our goal is to have the first homes completed and ready for occupancy within a year from now, offering our residents the ultimate lakefront living experience.

Q: If some lots are still available for purchase, where can interested buyers get in touch?

Brittany: Anyone interested in purchasing a lot can reach out to me (, Jason (, or Cody ( We would be more than happy to provide further information and guide them through the process.

Q: Who do you predict will be the best surfer on the Southern Shores wave, one year from now?

Brittany: Based on their exceptional skills and dedication, we anticipate that the current top surfers—Crew Larkin, Elle Christensen, and Crew Christensen—will continue to improve and dominate the waves at Southern Shores one year from now.

Cody: I couldn’t agree more. As for the rest of us, we’ll have to put in our best efforts to keep up and not fall too far behind.

Q: Lastly, what was it like to turn on the UNIT Surf Pool for the first time?

Brittany: It was an incredibly surreal moment when we turned on the wave pool for the first time. The event took place around 9:00 PM, and we had the pleasure of having several homeowners and family members in attendance. As the excitement filled the air, I had the privilege of being the first to ride the wave, and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with anticipation. To witness everyone’s enthusiasm as they finally experienced the pool in person was truly heartwarming. Prior to that moment, only Jason, Cody, and I had seen it in all its glory during our visit to Milan.

Cody: Experiencing the moment when the UNIT Surf Pool was turned on for the first time was truly incredible. Although I couldn’t be physically present at that exact moment, I received the news of its success over the phone, and the excitement in Brittany’s voice was contagious. The following day, I had the privilege of personally experiencing the wave during a private surf session. As I rode the wave and felt its power beneath me, I was filled with a sense of awe and accomplishment. The realization that our vision had become a reality was immensely gratifying. Being able to share that experience with our team and witness their enthusiasm firsthand was a moment I will always cherish.


UNIT Surf Pool’s journey from a vision to reality at Southern Shores is a testament to the dedication, passion and teamwork of everyone involved. With the impressive wave now open, lake enthusiasts and surfers alike can look forward to unforgettable experiences in the heart of the United States’ first UNIT Surf Pool.

Special thanks go out to:

Brittany Christensen, Jason Christensen, Cody Larkin and the whole Southern Shores staff and family, Sebastian Süss and everyone at Machwerk, Tony Finn and so many more!

Next up – our second US Surf Pool at Revel Surf / Cannon Beach in Phoenix, Arizona.

Arial Shot of UNIT Surf Pool Southern Shores Utah - 16meter wide artificial wave pool

Arial Shot of UNIT Surf Pool Southern Shores Utah – artificial wave pool