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Koa Bay, Florida’s Treasure Coast Surf Park, announces UNIT Surf Pool in Development Plans

Koa Bay's 16 Meter UNIT Surf Pool included in Surf Park Plans

Located in one of America’s best year-round climates for outdoor activities and vibrant entertainment is Koa Bay in Fort Pierce, FL perfectly situated between Miami and Orlando.

This remarkable LIVE. SURF. PLAY. community development is a total of 200 acres planned for residential, hospitality, retail, restaurants, and recreational amenities. The most notable amenity being one of the World’s largest surf parks under development with two premiere wave technology suppliers announced:
Wavegarden and UNIT Surf Pool.

Surf industry experts state that “this combination of both a large traveling wave and UNIT Surf Pool’s deepwater rapid wave together is setting a new precedent for inland surf developments to come, as the combination truly caters to the full spectrum of surfers old and new.” Koa Bay is among the first few trailblazing the way to better define what is needed and desired in inland surfing communities to accommodate all levels of surf enthusiasts and develop the best possible surfing environment.

UNIT Surf Pool, floating 10 meter wave in Milan Italy

Chad LaBonte of Devcon Enterprises, lead developer on the Koa Bay project, states that “the UNIT Surf Pool is the perfect addition to this community! We are very excited to offer multiple world-class waves in Koa Bay and best serve our community of surfers with variety, focused training and progression, and ultimately more fun experiences for everyone!” The UNIT wave’s innovative and sustainable floating design will be the heart of Koa Bay’s 25-acre lake and watersports hub positioned adjacent to the Wavegarden Cove traveling wave technology.

“Koa Bay is the perfect surf park in the perfect spot! 2 hours from Miami and 2 hours from Orlando on a beautiful piece of coastal property!” states Tony Finn. “UNIT Surf Pool is very excited to be part of this amazing full-spectrum development! Together with the terrific management team at Koa Bay and at Wavegarden, we will create a fantastic surfing environment for everybody to enjoy!”

Nicolas Marusa 2x Surfing Champion training on the UNIT Surf Pool

The Koa Bay surf park plans include a 16 meter (52 ft) wide floating UNIT Surf Pool to start followed by a 56 module Wavegarden cove. “Both of these installations will be the largest footprint each of these suppliers have manufactured to date” informed Jessica O’Leary. “The UNIT wave will provide greater opportunities for lessons, instruction, and technical training that will seamlessly translate to better experiences on the traveling waves in the Wavegarden cove.”

The Koa Bay surf park will also host 28 surfside bungalows, a premiere spa and fitness center, a hotel, and a variety of bars and restaurants surrounding the surf action. Plans for this facility also include an over water climbing and cliff jumping complex and a skate pump track for additional activities beyond the waves!


To stay up to date on their development progress, news, and exciting updates check out the Koa Bay website and UNIT Surf Pool on Instagram and LinkedIn.