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Beyond the Ocean Podcast with Tony Finn

Beyond the Ocean Podcast 

Presented by Surf Park Central

Chris Kluesener

Episode 3 is ACTION PACKED with Tony Finn, one of the original inventors of wakeboarding, co-founder of Liquid Force Wakeboards, surf park consultant to BSR Surf Resort, and exclusive US representative for UNIT Surf Pools.

Beyond the Oceans Podcast with Tony Finn on UNIT Surf Pools

Tony Finn is widely recognized as one of the most innovative and successful Action Sports Executives of the last three decades. Tony was instrumental in getting the sport of wakeboarding off the ground and traveled around the globe multiple times promoting the sport. He has had a remarkable career promoting the sport he developed across varying brands and platforms and has successfully integrated into multiple ownership groups.

He was an ESPN announcer for many years and did the X Games, Gravity Games, Hot Summer Nights and multiple other shows. He has developed multiple brands, unique marketing strategies, produced and broadcasted events, and has managed multiple acquisitions and mergers. He is renowned for the outstanding work he has done for the sport of wakeboarding as the Founder of Liquid Force Wakeboards and is now an avid member and contributor to the Surf Park community as the US representative for UNIT Surf Pools.

His background includes: Founder, Skurfer; Co-Founder, Liquid Force Wakeboards; General Manager, Arbor Snowboards; Sales and Marketing Consultant, BSR Surf Resort; Board Member, WSIA; Advisory Board Member, Sales and Marketing Consultant, Board Member, San Diego Sports Innovators (SDSI).


Beyond the Ocean is an interview series focused on the impact of technology on the future of surfing. We speak with authors, actors, industry experts, and pro surfers about their views and experiences in, and beyond the ocean.