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UNIT Surf Pool’s first embedded wave installation in Revel Surf Park

December 2022 marked a prolific milestone for the UNIT Surf Pool brand as they unveiled their first embedded UNIT Surf Pool, a fully on-land wave equipment installation, contrasting their typical floating wave pool design. The team from Germany arrived in excitement to begin the new installation process they had been meticulously planning, modeling, and engineering for quite some time.

The Revel Surf and Cannon Beach development teams were equally elated to get started! The construction teams had already spent an entire year working hard day in and day out, turning desert earth into a beach paradise their community has been so eagerly waiting for. Building America’s next best surf park is no easy feat, and this installation marked a new chapter.

Hardhats on and cranes lifting, the days started at sunrise and continued through sunset each night.


Sunrise starts at the construction site for UNIT Surf Pool installation at Revel Surf Park.

Both Revel Surf and Waves & Water, rejoiced as the first wave segment took flight to be installed in the freshly built pool! This moment had been long anticipated for many months of planning and development work in preparation for the first embedded UNIT Surf Pool installation.

Jessica OLeary, Matt Gunn, and Tony Finn celebrate the first UNIT Surf Pool wave segment being installed in the pool.

Many, many bolts were installed and a lot of very heavy metal was diligently manipulated.

Bolt installers UNIT Surf Pool in Revel Surf Park

Some days were longer than others, as the team continued long after the sun went down.

Late night UNIT Surf Pool installation session under the stars.

There is nothing more satisfying than watching the plans become a reality.

Each wave segment hoisted in the air and perfectly set into place. One by one slowly taking shape. ‘Measure twice, cut once’ they say, but this planning process was a little more like: Measure 350 times and you’ve got this one shot to see if you did all the planning right.

The UNIT wave segments fitting perfectly together.

The look on UNIT Surf Pool Founder, Johannes Degenhardt’s face says it all. “She fits like a glove.”

Johannes Degenhardt, founder of UNIT Surf Pool gives install a thumbs up on the all terrain forklift.

5 days, 1 crane, 3,000 bolts, 60 Gatorades, and about 40 Jersey Mike’s Subs later and the UNIT Surf Pool team had done it. They had completed the equipment installation of America’s first UNIT Surf Pool.

UNIT Surf Pool team sits on the edge of equipment.

But the job isn’t done quite yet. Next up Revel Surf will be completing its power grid installation and providing a connection point for the UNIT wave. Once the connection has been made, it’s time to install the protective floor,  fill the pool basin, and then is really when the fun starts. THE START OF MAKING WAVES!

Stay tuned as these development teams work together to complete step 2 of the UNIT Surf Pool installation process this summer!

Make sure to check out the plans for Revel Surf Park at Cannon Beach! The first surf park in the World to feature Swell MFG’s 2 acre traveling wave lagoon and UNIT Surf Pool’s 10 meter deepwater rapid wave together in one park along with a dozen other exciting amenities.

The last piece of Revel Surf Park's 10 meter embedded UNIT Surf Pool being installed.