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What Makes UNIT Surf Pool Different?

Jessica O’Leary

February 2022

What does the Electron Microscope, Aspirin, Beer, Rocket Ships, Gummi Bears, Adhesive Tape, and Porsche all have in common?

Aside from this being an oddly precise list of things that can most likely be found in Richard Bransen’s garage, this is a shortlist of German Inventions that have changed the world.

“Germany’s prowess in engineering is indisputable. Engineers born out of the country are world leaders in their field, renowned for their dedication to precision, function, and power. Over the years, it has maintained its reputation as a top exporter of machinery and industrial equipment.” Engineering Daily 

Here is a list of other famously engineered inventions that have come from Germany and changed the way we live our lives today:

The Diesel Engine, the Bunsen Burner, the Contact Lens, the Printing Press, the Radar System, the Atomic Force Microscope, Rocket-Powered Aircraft, the Airbag, the Speedometer, Adidas, the Automobile, the Bicycle, Chip Reading Cards, the Programmable Computer, the Glider, the Helicopter, MP3 Music, Fanta, the Coffee Filter, Accordions and many more…

Can you guess what else is engineered and made in Germany? Yep, the UNIT Surf Pool.

UNIT Surf Pool surf session floating in Idrascalo lake in Milan Italy

The World’s First Floating Surf Pool featuring an energy-efficient design, zero water consumption, and an authentic deepwater wave that can be installed just about anywhere in the world. That’s 71% more of the world than any of our competitors.

It’s no coincidence that many of the world’s most transformative products and premium craftsmanship can be attributed to our friends in Germany. Premium design and manufacturing is a product of years and years of diligence and focus. We see it every day at UNIT Surf Pool and it is one of our greatest differentiators. Our team’s dedication to precision, function, and power is second to none. From wave adjustability, modular design, plug and play features, versatility in installation, and most importantly the feedback we receive from surfers:

I absolutely love the UNIT wave. The most perfect of all the artificial rapids I surfed thus far. The face is wide and high, you can generate a ton of speed, lay in on your rails, swap boards for different experiences, turn up the music to get the party started, and have a great time with your friends.” writes Christian Bach, founder of the Rapid Surf League and avid Eisbach surfer.

“German engineering companies are famous for their incredible products. They have superior quality and display skilled craftsmanship that cannot be matched anywhere in the world. Just think of the luxurious Mercedes, Audi, Porsche.” Engineering Daily

If you are looking for the World’s BEST Artificial Deepwater Standing Wave, both in experience and design, than look no further. You’ve found it. UNIT Surf Pool, Proudly Made in Germany and Distributed throughout the World.