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UNIT Parktech develops a standing wave for lakes

Soul Surfers

The market for artificial waves has become huge in recent years. Many different companies have different approaches or are developing existing ones. UNIT Parktech, the successful wakeboard and snowboard obstacle builder, has now developed a standing wave for lakes.

The surf pool developed by UNIT floats on the lake and can currently be between 8 and 16 meters wide. The wave can vary in height and reaches a maximum height of 1.60 meters. To create the wave, water is pumped onto a platform, which then creates the wave as it runs down. It’s a “deep water wave” where you can surf your normal boards. UNIT managed to develop the shaft in the record time of 4 months.

The prototype of this wave was built in Langenfeld this year and will be available to the public in spring 2018.

Man surfing Surf Langenfeld's 8 meter UNIT Surf Pool

3 short questions to UNIT:

1. What was the biggest challenge during development?

The UNIT Surf Pool is the world’s first floating surf pool. That was also the biggest challenge. There is no comparable construction anywhere in the world. To calculate the whole thing correctly (buoyancy, water level, stability, weight, etc.), our background in the development of wakeboard features helped us a lot – that’s how the idea developed in the first place.

2. Can you just run the standing wave in any lake?

Yes, prerequisite 4-5m deep and no running water. The UNIT Surf Pool can also be operated in salt water.

3. Besides Langenfeld, are there any other places where you can test your wave next year?

I hope so! The UNIT Surf Pool is a fully developed product that we offer for sale – we already have a few inquiries.